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Learning the Art of Yoga- Tips for Beginners

Learning the Art of Yoga- Tips for Beginners

We are well acquainted with the goodness of Yoga. One of the ancient practices, Yoga is more than 5000 year old science which has its origin in India.  The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which translates to ‘unite’ or ‘integrate’. Yoga is about the synchronisation of body, mind and breath with help of various yoga poses (asanas), meditation and breathing exercises.  Yoga not just helps in relaxing and strengthening of the body but does a lot more on the superficial level.

Making yoga a quintessential part of our lives is the need of the hour since the lifestyle and dietary issues are taking a toll on our physical and mental health. With regular yoga sessions one can experience a healthy and happier lifestyle with mindfulness. One can also witness increased instances of tolerance along with reduced anxiety and healing of chronic ailments. Considering the life changing benefits of yoga it’s high time you make it a quintessential part of your routine.

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However, if you are completely ignorant about the wonders of Yoga and feel apprehensive about practising it, here are a few tips which can help the beginners ease out on their anxiety.

  • Get rid of unrealistic expectations/ imaginations

If you feel that yoga is all about those difficult poses which twist your limbs, you need to relax! Yoga is not about poses or perfection; it’s about alignment of mind, body and breath. No matter what age or body weight, yoga can be practised by each and everyone. There are many techniques and the beginners are often made familiar with easy techniques and asanas to make your body familiar with the practice.

finding a good yoga centre and guru

  • Find a good Tutor

It is always recommended to begin your journey with yoga under the supervision of a qualified and experienced tutor. The tutor will not only understand your body type and guide accordingly, but they can also help in preventing any possible injuries. Select a friendly tutor who is able to make you enjoy the session and in fact, look forward to it.

lose comfortable clothes

  • Comfortable clothing

By comfortable clothing you don’t necessarily need to go for the trendiest yoga pants and expensive brands. Stay away from these unnecessary distractions which are futile and focus only on yoga. You can simply opt for something which is comfortable and easy on skin.

  • Early rising

It is believed that the best time to practice Yoga is early morning amidst beautiful sunrise soaking in the tranquillity of quite surroundings. Look for an open place like lawn, garden, terrace or open balcony.

empty stomach for focus

  • Empty Stomach

Like any other form of workout, Yoga too should be practised on an empty stomach. Practising with food in stomach can lead to discomfort so maintain at least a gap of 2-3 hours after having a meal.

  • Intention and motivation

Set a goal in mind and find your motivation for the same. It will help in continuing with Yoga and making it a mandatory part of your life. Don’t hurry and make ‘slow and steady’ your mantra!

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Apart from learning the Art of yoga as a student, one can also push the envelope further and enrol for a Yoga teacher’s training to experience the manifold effects of the same. The Yoga Teacher Training Certification course in India imbibes a holistic approach of integrating each element of yoga along with prayerful discipline for uniting the mind, soul and body. The focus of the training institute is on practicing yoga philosophy, meditation and practical yoga with help of simple and effective yoga asanas and more importantly breathing techniques. The course of training is conducted in a pleasant and joyful manner which increases self-confidence, promotes calmness of mind and helps in enhancing concentration.

Happy Learning!

siddhi11Learning the Art of Yoga- Tips for Beginners