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Why yoga is a great medicine for those suffering from insomnia

Is yoga an excellent mechanism to induce sleep?

Calling all those sleep deprived children who are either suffering from an incomplete homework or assignment or, need to finish studying for their test. Have you ever been to bed at 10pm and realized you cannot sleep? Do you suffer from insomnia every too often, and beat the late nights with your phone or your game controller?

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This is pretty normal in today’s competitive age and time but, you simply cannot ignore the peace and serenity that a good night’s sleep gives you. You wake up refreshed, and you are ready to complete the tasks for the day with renewed energy, something that a sleep deprived night fails to give you.

Yoga teacher training in India helps get quality sleep, which is as important as the nutrition in your body. It gives your body the much-needed 6-8 hours of rest. Instead of taking medications, and help of drugs to sleep, here’s something more natural and definitely beautiful.

Here are reasons why yoga is the best medicine to induce sleep.

Soothes your nervous system

If you have perfected your biology, you would be aware that the nervous system is very important for the flawless functioning of the human body. Also, the nervous system is majorly responsible for an active night of being nocturnal. It is important for you to soothe your nerves, and relax them if you want to sleep and have a rested night.

Yoga Soothes your nervous system

By appointing someone who has undergone yoga teacher training in India, you will be able to give the students the exact knowledge of yog practices that can help them sleep better through a test night. The yoga exercises that deal with postures and breathing exercise tend to help soothe the nervous system by accurately increasing blood flow to the core of the brain.

With a calm and controlled nervous system you would be able to normalize your sleep cycle. It is recommended to include yoga as part of the school curriculum for a relaxed nervous system. The exercises recommended include uttanasana, halasana and savasana.

Reduces stress

Though we don’t say it loud, most school students experience a lot of stress. Owing to the increased competition levels, and changing curriculum, there is a lot of pressure on the students to perform well in every segment of life. This has increased the health risks in the kids. A lot of children fall prey to blood pressure and heart diseases owing to the stress. The increase in suicide cases is also because of the increase in stress.

The right person who has undergone yoga teacher training certification courses can help take charge of the yoga training in your school, and help reduce the stress among the children.

Yoga reduces stress

The right yoga initiatives can put the mind to rest and help improve sleep. You will stay more focused, which will eventually reduce the stress in your body. Spend a few minutes relaxing with some of the best yoga poses so that you have a renewed day. You can even go to sleep after performing a few yoga poses that aim to relax the body. It’s a great idea to reduce the stress.

Revives your body and mind

Yoga is known to revive your body and make it fresh. Detoxification is perfectly done when you do yoga on a regular basis. It removes toxins from your body. With some of the important breathing exercises you can improve the oxygen level in your body, and increase the cellular functions. The body unwinds better with yoga.

It is important to inculcate the good habit of yoga in children right from school. Always a good idea to introduce yoga as part of the school curriculum! Introduce someone with yoga teacher training in Dharamsala to offer the perfect yoga classes.

Here are some of the poses that will help induce a good night’s rest for your body.

Poses at Siddhi Yoga Teacher training in India

siddhi11Why yoga is a great medicine for those suffering from insomnia