Our Team (Pillars) at Siddhi Yoga

We, at Siddhi Yoga make sure that our students don’t face any problems from coming to our Yoga Centre till they reach their home safely. We make sure we help them in every possible way to make their journey smooth and happy!

Guru Mahi

When Mahi was eleven, his family members, being all Yogis, taught him yoga. The whole family belonged to the Yoga Meditation & Pranayama, therefore focusing on the spiritual development of a human. For example, Mahi’s father was a disciple of Sri Ramana Maharishi’s student. However, not only family members influenced Mahi on his way! He spent a lot of time learning hatha yoga, bhakti yoga, meditation and karma yoga with monks and swamis.

Guru Mahi at Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training

By turning eighteen, Mahi went to India to continue his development on the yoga path, staying in Mysore, Bangalore, Rishikesh and some other places, absorbing different styles of teaching. However, it was never enough, so he went to senior Iyengar teachers, learning how to focus on technical aspects of hatha yoga alignments and anatomy. At his center, he teaches the therapeutical effect of asanas and their adjustments. And this is exactly what allows Mahi to use yoga as a therapeutic way of healing people with various pathologies of the body.


Born in Denmark, Bjoern started working with his body at a very early age studying dance from the age of 4, transitioning from working as a professional dancer to the fitness industry but always practicing yoga for recovering his physical and mental balance.
Yoga certification course in dharamsala

Having completed his YTTC with Mahi Yoga in 2013, under the careful tutelage of Guru Mahi, Bjoern continued on to teach with Mahi Yoga Yoga as well as in Guru Mahi’s own drop in classes studio in Goa. Passionate about the philosophy behind the world of Yoga and various styles such as Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Vinyasa, Bjoern’s deep passion lies within the therapeutic powers of asana practice on both the body and mind.

Yogi Akshey

Akshey hails from a small town of North India. Born and raised in a middle-class Hindu family he started practicing yoga at an early age.  A graduate in commerce Akshey worked with big Corporate like Genpact and Serco. Having experienced the stress one goes through in MNC’s he slowly devoted his time and energy to yoga practice.

Yoga Teacher Akshey at Siddhi Yoga

He studied yoga Asanas and philosophy of yoga with monks at different ashrams in Uttarkashi (Himalayas), Bihar and Rishikesh and slowly left the corporate to take up yoga teaching as a full-time job. 10 years of self-practice and 7 years of teaching experience makes him a strict teacher who pays a lot of emphasis on subtle movement of body parts while performing an asana. Besides Hatha yoga, he also teaches Philosophy and Anatomy.

Anette Quentin

Anette started her yoga journey in Germany in 2011. Looking for balance from a stressful corporate job, she was introduced to yoga as a physical practice. Hooked from her very first class she soon established a daily practice. Trying different styles such as Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, or Jivamukti with many different teachers, she lost her heart to the more flowing styles.The use of constant movement in connection with the breath helps her to calm the monkey mind, allowing her to fall into a state of moving meditation.
Yoga Teacher Anette at Siddhi Yoga

Coming from a competitive society, she grew up constantly comparing and being compared to others. Yoga helped her to explore and work with her own limitations. For her, it is about enjoying the journey towards self-realization which is not a goal reached in a certain amount of time, but a lifelong process. Therefore, as a student as well as a teacher her focus lies on the path of physical and mental involvement rather than looking for instant, perfect results.

Anette completed an RYT 500 hour teacher training course with her Guru Mahi in Dharamsala, India. Under his guidance, she learned about the significance of yoga as an ancient philosophical system and its true power as a spiritual science. Studying yoga in India taught her respect for the roots of its ancient traditions. She practices and teaches from this holistic perspective not only focusing on the physical body. Next to asanas she is constantly deepening her knowledge in yoga philosophy, finding ways to translate it to our modern perception of life. All this knowledge and experience she is transporting in her classes working in favor of connecting Body, Mind & Soul.

Anushree Singh

Graduated with honors in Yoga Philosophy from Mumbai University, Andree was first introduced to hatha yoga by her guru Dr. Omanand Ji at Paramanand Ashram Indore. She completed her 200 hrs teacher training program in hatha yoga and yoga therapy and conducts therapeutic classes related to diseases of the endocrine system including Thyroid, diabetes, insomnia, and hormonal imbalances and autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis.

Yoga Teacher Anushree at Siddhi Yoga

Anushree has a profound knowledge of yoga anatomy and has taught YTTC students in Rishikesh and Goa including classes in yoga philosophy, physiology, and meditation.Anushree has studied the breathing patterns in detail including digital pranayama and breathing techniques in yoga practice. She is also proficient in ashtanga yoga which was initiated by her French teacher who is a student at Pittabha Jois Yogashala in Mysore.

Her style of simplifying complex postures is unique, and her approach to hatha yoga is not merely physical but spiritual thereby introducing yoga to her students in a different light.


Hari had the privilege of being born in a family who followed the teachings of Raman Maha Rishi’s, living in a village in Himalaya Mountains, which many believe is the home of yoga. The family environment allowed him to start his yoga journey at a very young age. As he grew older, he started to take yoga lessons from learned yogis and sages in the vicinity who taught him that yoga can only be learned from within and a person himself is his best teacher.

Yoga Teacher Hari at Siddhi Yoga

Later under the guidance of Sharat Arora, a great Iyengar guru, he began to practice Iyengar yoga, which he continues to practice as well as teach at Mahi Yoga. Hari believes that physical and mental peace can come only through proper alignment of the body in yoga postures is the key to physical and mental peace, and loves to share his wealth of knowledge with his students. In his words, “Yoga as a way to uncover the complete potential of liberation, which is dormant in every human being.”

Arth Kolhatkar

Just as you enrol, you will meet our first team member, Arth. He will entertain you and will be your “Google” for Siddhi Yoga till you actually get here.
Student relation manager at siddhi yoga

He will introduce you to our institute and make sure that everything is fine even after you are here. If there is any issue, you can complain to him, if there is anything that you like, you can share with him. He will be the ears to your thoughts.

Mr. Bahdhur

We, at Siddhi Yoga, are all food lovers and understand the importance of taste and nutrition. Mr. Bahdhur, cooks balancing both, taste and nutrition, and also takes care of the comfort of students staying with us, keeping in mind the preferences and needs of each and every individual.
Cook at Siddhi Yoga Teacher Training

For him, the only thing that matters is the happiness and health of our students. 


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