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Thailand, famously known as the land of smiles; this is what you will encounter here exactly. Thai cordiality and affability make this nation renowned amongst the most prevalent on the earth. The way of life is rich here and exceptionally assorted with Buddhism at its epicenter, there are various sanctuaries and its old history to be investigated. Thai’s cordiality is prestigious and they invite tourists to participate in their customs.

Lavish green rice paddies and lotus fields are scattered here and there through the length of the nation with white sandy shorelines and modest islands in the south and magnificent mountains in the north. The province of Chiang Mai is located in the North of Thailand. Its beauty is exceptional; famous for its splendid mountain ranges, natural magnificence, and rich Lana culture. Chiang Mai city itself is a blend of current cosmopolitan offices, antiquated sanctuaries, and a truly affable Thai culture. Making the city a lively concoction of action; with an amicable and joyfully casual pace of life.

Chiang Mai is renowned for its weekly arcades offering any number of native crafts and kitsch Thai work of art. You can enjoy a break from shopping and snatch a massage available on any street side or treat your taste buds with relishing native Thai eateries. The city border is outlined by lavish green paddy fields, immaculate rain forest, and grand mountains. A short ride by bus will lead you to adventurous jungle treks, flowing waterfalls, hot springs, and calm slope tribal towns. You can get away from the city life to close-by rural areas or retreat where just the stars sparkle and birds sing around evening time.

The yoga teacher training in Thailand will be conducted in an Ayurvedic Ashram outside the city. Lodging is provided inside the ashram, with an option of single occupancy or the somewhat less expensive shared alternative. Exclusively vegetarian food is served which is freshly prepared in Vedic style from Monday to Friday.

The Ashram has delightful greenhouses, pool and innumerable chances to experience meditation. It is embraced by nature, however within close reach of all civilities. Here you will discover the harmony between peace, rejuvenating and the diligent work and focus you will require for your teacher training. The course is controlled by proficient teachers from everywhere throughout the world including India and the course blends conventional yogic practice with contemporary knowledge and training strategies. It is the ideal place to practice and learn to train yoga. You will meet students from everywhere throughout the world here and share and learn information together as you associate and create your yoga family, encounters, and memoirs that will endure forever. A trip to Thailand is filled with love, joy, tears and achievements. It will be the experience of a lifetime that will last for eternity.

From the very beginning, the yoga training will manage students through appropriate procedures including key arrangements, changes, varieties, contraindications, utilization of fundamental yoga props, the art of asana alignment, and training philosophy apart from practicing to teach. Moreover, we will share our experience on yoga as a profession, focusing on valuable information like promoting, pricing, group training and private classes, and establishing your own yoga school.

Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

What would you be able to expect in your course?

We offer a comprehensive course of Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand that allows you to explore each part of yoga. Therefore, you will have a more profound comprehension of Yoga, a superior perception of the importance of life itself and will upgrade your spiritual awareness. When you successfully finish your YogaTeacherTraining in Thailand, you will be awarded a globally acknowledged certification, which permits you to become a yoga trainer globe wide. Although, we urge you to join the program for the certification, as well as for the numerous other life benefits Yoga can offer.

As a future Yoga instructor, you have the notable chance to learn the philosophy and history of Traditional Yoga in detail. The Yoga Course is a broad, exciting, yet fulfilling course. Large numbers of our students benefit from our immersive programs and frequently come back to upgrade their insight and extend their comprehension of Traditional Yoga. As a student of Siddhi Yoga, you will learn to impart and share your insight into spirituality and Yoga comprehensively. Here, you turn out to be more than a yoga teacher; you turn into a Yoga Educator with unlimited information of the genuine significance and standards of Traditional Yoga. With your insight as a Yoga Educator, you will acquire the ability to share principles and concepts of yoga that enrich the personal satisfaction on all levels; physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. While you will learn the essential things of Traditional Yoga, your Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand experience will furnish you with the chance to go far mantras, asanas, and strategies. You will likewise learn the below:

  • The philosophical reviews and utilization practical techniques that promote a superior comprehension of life and survival to spiritual cognizance.
  • Deliver Yoga theories, methods and counseling on a spiritual, emotional, physical and mental level to an individual of any age (youngsters, grown-ups, seniors);
  • How to incorporate Yoga into your everyday way of life regimen.

While you acquire knowledge in the course you have to impart your insights into Yoga to others in your Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand. You will enjoy personal advantages that enhance your self-satisfaction. Most of our students, after the completion of their Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand, encounter the following experiences:

  • Enriched personal and professional associations;
  • Deepen your journey of spiritual development and self-awareness;
  • lowered stress levels;
  • Have more vitality, imperativeness, and aura;
  • Have more self-assurance in your day by day life;
  • Enjoy a well-balanced healthy eating routine that nurtures the mind, body, and soul.

This Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand is for any individual who is craving for the following:

  • Learn authentic Classical Yoga Philosophy, Disciplines and Techniques from experienced Yoga Teachers from the world’s most ancient poised Yoga Institute in India.
  • Understand how Yoga asanas (physical postural training) and different methods ought to be legitimately performed to help with one’s psychic and spiritual advancement other than adding to physical wellness.
  • Learn techniques for training Yoga appropriate to individuals of various age groups and fitness levels which contribute to physical as well as to psychological well-being.
  • Get qualified as Yoga Teacher and certified in a 200-hour certification program.


  • The aspirant ought to be healthy (physical and mental) – NOT having any major medical issue or infirmity.
  • NO earlier information or practice of Yoga is essential.

Course Objectives

  • We will likely bolster our students as they create, extend, acknowledge and grow through their yoga Course Objectives and comprehension of their actual Self.
  • Through pragmatic investigation of yoga philosophy, individual arrangement, changes of traditional postures, pranayama practices, meditation and individual supervision, this personal training is certain to be a life-changing experience.
  • You will join our dynamic global Yoga people group and find your new yoga group of associated students.
  • We anticipate to turn out to be a significant influence on your yoga journey.


  • Before going to the yoga teacher training in Thailand, students must have no less than 3 months of general yoga practice, sports training or another physical fitness basis.
  • However, above all, you should be interested in learning new things and determined to enhance your practice
  • Yoga teacher training in Thailand offer you space where you can continue expanding your learnings even after your certification
  • Our program offers a free internship to train yoga at our school (discretionary), for those graduate students that might want to extend their training abilities, in addition, to access to all standard yoga classes in school for a lifetime. We deliver an advanced yoga teacher training course in a fun and peaceful atmosphere for you to learn.

Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand – Discover the distinction

Yoga is more than physical exercise; it’s a spiritual affair that typifies the genuine quintessence of wellbeing, imperativeness, and spirituality. This is the reason our Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand goes route past standard Yoga programs and procedures. We train you on the philosophical and ancient aspects of conventional yoga which offers a full mix of mind, body and different parts of human identity promoting the survival mode to a more spiritual awareness.

Our Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand is a chance to experience Yoga in its native style. By consolidating the correct emotions or states of mind (bhavas) with chosen yoga postures (asanas) you have the inherent capacity to advance your cognizance while taking part in an exceptionally fulfilling and enriching Yoga practice.

Course Dates

No Course Dates Location Fees
4th Sept to 28th Sept 2017
koh tao campus Thailand
2100/- US $
5th Sept to 30th Sept 2017
Chiang Mai, Thailand
2100/- US $
3rd Oct to 28th Oct 2017
Chiang Mai, Thailand
2100/- US $

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